Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Harrods Bags Are Here Now!

Hi girls! The Harrods bags u girlies ordered previously have now arrived..... :) n they're lovely! Please text or email us for further information.... Thanks all!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi darlings! We'll b on holiday starting from tomorrow so we won't be able to reply ur emails and enquiries as usual... We'll most probably be able to get back to u on Saturday, the 20th June though. Sorry ya.. That said, enjoy the holidays! Hehehe... :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We've Been Reviewed! Yay! :)

Thanks so much to Fashion Clicks for reviewing our Old Navy Flip-flops! We're happy they caught ur eye! :)

Forever 21 Super-Duper Leggings! (Ready Stock)

  • Thick and stretchy black full length leggings from Forever21.
  • Imported directly from the United States.... Made out of Cotton Lycra, not Nylon so it is not sheer. :)
  • The best thing is that we tried ours and it retains its shape after wearing. Doesn't get all out of shape.... ;)
  • Hurry Darlings! Limited availability and not restockable.
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M and L
  • XS: Waist 23-24 inches, Hips 33-34 inches
  • S: Waist 25-26 inches, Hips 35 -36 inches
  • M: Waist 27-28 inches, Hips 37-38 inches
  • L: Waist 29-30 inches, Hips 39-40 inches
  • Price: RM33 (retail RM 35-RM39 and last time we checked, sold out at F21 Sunway!)
  1. XS - Iylia SOLD
  2. S - Annisaa SOLD
  3. S - Fatin SOLD
  4. S - Winnie SOLD
  5. M - Roo SOLD
  6. M - Roaini SOLD
  7. M - Fina SOLD
  8. M - Izatti SOLD
  9. L - Azreena SOLD

Monday, June 15, 2009

Size Conversion Chart

Old Navy Toe-Strap Flippity Flops! :) NOT TAKING ORDERS ANYMORE.

  • Never seen these type of flip-flops before?
  • And interested in these uniquely one of a kind gorgeous flippity-flops?
  • Email us as soon as u can, darlings and once the number of buyers have reached a certain amount, we'll get it for u! :)
  • Available in US Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (Refer to size guide above)
  • Colours: Turquoise, Baby pink, Black, Navy blue, Green, Orange, Light Blue, White
  • Estimated Price: RM42

Old Navy Flip-Flops! :)

  • Interested in these beaded rainbow coloured flip flops? With strikingly eye-catching colours, u (or ur feet) will definitely be noticed! ;) And fret not, beauty comes with function. The bottoms are textured for traction too!
  • If yes, email us and if the number of buyers have reached a certain amount, we'll inform u then get them for u! :)
  • Available in US Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (Refer to size guide above)
  • Colours: hot pink, black, light blue, yellow, orange, white
  • Estimated price is RM 37.


Wait for our newest update late tonight or tomorrow night for ready stock fabulous leggings from Forever21! :) Grab them fast! In limited quantities and non-restockable.....

Dearies, ur VS Goodies have Arrived! Plus ready stock VS lip glosses and body mists for sale! :)

1) VS Body Mist- Secret Charm - ( RM 44 ) SOLD
2) VS Body Mist - Delicate Petals - Available ( RM 44 )
3) VS Body Mist - Pear Glace - Available ( RM 44 )
4) VS Body Mist - Sweet Day Dream - ( RM 44 ) SOLD
5) VS Body Mist - Blossoming Romance - Available ( RM 40 ) *Old Bottle RESERVED
6) VS Body Mist - Blossoming Romance - ( RM 40 ) *Old Bottle SOLD
7) Lip Gloss - Strawberry Fizz -( RM 35 ) SOLD

NOTE : ready stock ONLY 1 each

Come and collect ur preciously delicious VS goodies from us, starting from today! For those of u who chose COD, COD is available today at 8pm or tomorrow, the 16th at 2pm at Shah Alam's McDonald's in Section 3. If ure not available at the specified time above, please text us to inquire or ask us at the chat box on the right hand side. Thanks!