Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pre-Order these Statement and Graphic Tees Now! Imported from the US! Hurry! :) Pre-Order Ends on the 9th of August! PRE-ORDER CLOSED!


Wet Seal Tees from top to bottom:

  1. Gray Peace Tee
  2. Wild at Heart Zebra Tee
  3. Strictly for My Ninjas Tee: Available in XS, S, M and L.
  4. I Love Me Tee
  5. White Peace Tee
  6. Together Forever Tee
  7. Best Day Ever! Tee
  8. Love Peace Tee
  9. I Heart My Kicks Tee: Available in S and M.
  10. Get Well Soon Tee
  11. My Butt Hurts Tee
  12. Don't Be Hatin' Tee
  13. Pretty Gangsta Myself Tee
  14. Sugary Lips Tee
  15. Pink Cupid with Black Stripes Tee
  16. British Rock Angel Tee
  17. Milk & Cookies Tee: Available in S and M.
  18. Gangsta Money Loving Tee
  19. Paper Rock Scissors Tee
  20. Penguin Tee
  21. Gingerbread Massacre Tee
  22. Butterfly Tee
  23. Scribbly Graffiti Gangsta Tee
  24. Peace Tee: Scoop necked grey tee with painted peace signs and splatters! Available in XS, M and L.
  25. Doodley Love Tee: Colourful Tee with Paint Splatters and a Doodled Heart. Only available in XS.
  26. You Are NOT me Tee: Black tee with Neon screen print. Conclusion is: Dont simply hate ppl. Haha. ;p
  27. Skelanimal (Cute skeleton animals) Tee: Black Tee with a screen print of Kit the Cat and other cutesy skelly animals. Available in XS, S and M.
  28. Purple Crown Scoop Tee: Purple Tee with gothic like print! Only available in S and XS.
  29. Heart 'True Love' Tee: White V-necked Tatoo Style Print with the words 'True Love.' Looks Ed Hardy-ish, right?
  30. Dripping Paint NY Tee: Black NY doesn't love haters tee. Well, come to think of it, who does? Oh, with splatter details too! :)
  31. You Monster! Tee: Funny funny pink Tee. Very very cute!
  32. Double Boom Tee: Yellowish Boom Boom Pow Tee. No other words for it. Hehe.
  33. Not Perfect but Pretty Awesome Tee: See for yourself. I can only say that its true! ;p
  34. Ninja Tee: Grey Tee with the words 'I Only Date Ninjas.'
  35. Troublemaker Weezer Tee: Black Tee with Neon Capitals. ONLY available in Size S.
  36. Great Catch Tee: Grey Tee with Grrreat wording and splatter details.
  37. Cereal Tee: What else can I say? See for urself, darlings! :) Available in S and M.
  38. Fun Size Tee: Express urself with this 'fun size' tee! Or at least make ppl smile.. :)
  39. Heart & Lock Tee: Grey Tee with a screen printed winged heart with a lock. Oooh, what does that mean? ;) Only available in XS and S.
  40. NY Apple Tee: Black Tee with a bright red apple in the center. Available in XS, S and M.
  41. Most Likely to Steal ur BF Tee: Yellow 'Most Likely to Steal ur BF' Tee. Hmmm..
  42. Checkered Tongue Tee: Vintage like V-necked Tee inspired by the Rolling Stones uber famous tongue logo.
  • Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL*
XS: Chest 32-33, Waist 24-25, Hips 34-35
S: Chest 34-35, Waist 26-27, Hips 36-37
M: Chest 36-37, Waist 28-29, Hips 38-39
L: Chest 38-39, Waist 30-31, Hips 40-41
XL: Chest 40-41.5, Waist 32-33.5, Hips 42-43.5

*sizes are subjected to availability at the end of pre-order.
Sizes stated above are the ones available at the time we posted this entry.
If the sizes are not stated, that particular tee is available in all sizes for now.

Get 2 Tees for RM97 (u save RM3!)
Oh, and u'll also receive one free jibbitz for
purchase of two tees and above if stocks are still available. :)
So, hurry dearies! Order the tee (or tees) of ur choice now!
Pre-order ends on the 9th of August.